This site is only about the world of James Bond as it concerns the Ian Fleming novels. No films, no Bond books written by anyone else. To me, James Bond and Ian Fleming lived in a pretty terrific time, and I’d like to revisit and capture that time and the experiences and tastes of that postwar era.

To this site, the James Bond movies never existed. Neither did the non-Fleming book sequels. I’m only concerned with Ian Fleming’s James Bond.

I will treat The Man With The Golden Gun novel as a full Ian Fleming work, even though the author died before final work was completed on it. Fleming had finished his early drafts of the book, and according to various accounts, it was finished by others. I’ll treat the book as authentic Fleming, however as it was largely his work.

The same will be true about Thunderball, even though the story and plot was a collaboration between Fleming, Kevin McClory and Jack Whittingham, (and others Ernie Cureo, etc) the novel itself, with its characterizations and descriptions is very much the work of Ian Fleming.

I’m still getting going here, so please be patient as I build up the content and shape of the site.


Bruce Allen

Note: This site is the work of an Ian Fleming/James Bond fan. It is not an official site and is not affiliated with Ian Fleming Publications in any way. 

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    1. Yes and no. It wasn’t any one person, but bits and pieces of several. Bond’s tastes are largely Fleming’s own. Personalities are many times based on his friends and acquaintances. Certain attributes of Bond were likely taken from individuals he worked with in Naval Intelligence during WWII.

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