As James Bond is motoring to the launch site of the rocket in Moonraker, we’re told that he switches on the headlamps in his Bentley, and that:

Once through the trees the car was running over a flat concrete apron the limits of which, in the bad light, were out of range even of the huge twin beams of his Marchal headlamps.

I enjoy these little product details that Ian Fleming so obviously likes to place in his narrative.

Marchal is a French automotive parts company that was founded in 1923. Ownership of the brand has passed around in recent years.


A company called Vintage Headlamp Restoration works at restoring and repairing headlamps such as those that would’ve been used on Bond’s car.

Here is a view of a Marchal headlamp on a 1930 Bentley:



And here is a look at the pair, (the upper set) which may look very much as what Bond would’ve been using on his own car:


One thought on “Marchal Headlamps

  1. I’m not a classic car enthusiast, but… Wow, that poster! It was made by Jean Colin, the french Picasso of advertising in the sixties. Companies killed for him, and made wonderful designs for Shell, Perrier, Cinzano, Marchal of course, even Aeroflot! His designs were masterpieces in a colourful, humorous, eye-catching style. You can find them by Internet, and enjoy them! Thank you, Mr M, for this high stylish life and times.

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