While in Belgrade, James Bond and Tatiana Romanova are taken to the apartment of Stefan Trempo.

All we’re told about the car they ride in:

The man opened the rear door of a shabby Morris Oxford saloon. He got in front and took the wheel.

Morris Motors produced Oxford model cars from 1913 to 1935, and then again from 1948 to 1971. With Ian Fleming writing the novel From Russia With Love in 1956, we’re limited to models prior to that year. As the car is described as ‘shabby’ we’re going to assume it was not a new car. That seems to narrow it down to three models of the Oxford:

The Oxford series II 1954–56

The Oxford Series II from Morris Motors

The Oxford MO 1948–54

1953 Morris Oxford MO

The Oxford Six, Sixteen and Twenty 1929-1935

1935 Morris Oxford Sixteen

I can’t imagine the car being much older than that.

Morris Motors was one of the United Kingdom’s early car manufacturers, founded in 1912. The name continued in use on automobiles until 1985. The name and brand is currently the property of SAIC Motor of Shanghai.

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