From Russia With Love opens at Red Grant’s villa – one that even he knew he was “immensely privileged” to be living in.

Behind the drowsy noise of the bees the sea boomed softly at the bottom of the cliff at the end of the garden. There was no view of the sea from the garden—no view of anything except of the sky and the clouds above the twelve-foot wall. In fact you could only see out of the property from the two upstairs bedrooms of the villa that formed the fourth side of this very private enclosure. From them you could see a great expanse of blue water in front of you and, on either side, the upper windows of neighbouring villas and the tops of the trees in their garden—Mediterranean-type evergreen oaks, stone pines, casuarinas and an occasional palm tree.

We’re also told that the villa itself was simply a “a squat elongated box without ornament.”

We further learn that The villa was on the south-eastern coast of the Cremia, about half way between Feodosiya and Yalta

You can see the villa was located on the Black Sea, a little further down from Sudak. The house is on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the sea.

That region has a lot of views looking like this:

When they left the villa to head for the airport at Simferopol they likely traveled upon roads looking much like this:

They passed through alternating fields of roses and vineyards.


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