After James Bond and Gala Brand regain their wits after having a cliff face pushed down on them, they decide on a plan – head to the Granville for further clean up and recovery, before heading back to Drax’s house.

They both felt keyed up and in high spirits. A hot bath and an hour’s rest at the accommodating Granville had been followed by two stiff brandies-and-sodas for Gala and three for Bond followed by delicious fried soles and Welsh rarebits and coffee.

The Granville was the Granville Hotel, a long-time landmark in St Margaret’s which was demolished in 1996.

These images come from the amazing St Margaret’s Village Archive:




Reference also made to the South Foreland Lighthouse in the distance.

2 thoughts on “The Granville, St Margaret’s Bay

  1. M’y father was a Waiter hère juste before the second world war . lovely to see the pictures again.gualatt.

  2. I read on a White Cliff’s visitor information sheet that Ian Fleming, unsurprisingly was at one time a resident or visitor to the district, but I have yet to discover where he actually stayed and during which years.

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