Verandah Grill, RMS Queen Elizabeth
Verandah Grill, RMS Queen Elizabeth

Earlier in the day, James Bond and Tiffany Case had drinks in the Observation Lounge. That night they have dinner at the Veranda Grill.

It was eleven o’clock and there was only a scattering of people left in the corners of the Veranda Grill.

This had been the fulfillment of a promise made on the first day of the voyage. When Bond suggests that they lay low for a couple of days, Tiffany agrees:

“Well, if you promise to call me up every day,” said Tiffany, “and promise to take me to this Veranda Grill place as soon as I feel I can swallow a little caviar. Okay?”

For once, we are not given details about the meal that they enjoyed that evening. We’ll have to take a look at a menu to see what they might’ve been eating that night.


The Veranda(h) Grill was for First Class passengers. It was a step up from the cabin class, and certainly the tourist class dining options.


A look the other side:



After dinner, they head over to the Smoking Room and listen to the Auction pool.


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