After Tempo leaves them at Belgrade, James Bond and Tatiana Romanova are back on the Orient Express. At nine o’clock the train pulls “out on its all-night run down the valley of the Sava.”

Bond examines the passports of the new passengers of the train, and then settles in “for another night with Tatiana’s head on his lap.”

That night, “Vincovci came and Brod and then, against a flaming dawn, the ugly sprawl of Zagreb.”

The stations of Vinkovci (note the “k’) and Brod (Slavonski Brod – which actually translates as “Liverpool”) were pass-throughs on the route of the Orient Express. Any stops during the overnight run would likely have been very brief.

Vinkovci Railway Station, 1950.

Slavonski Brod. 1959


Next up, Zagreb.

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